Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

2 best cruise destinations in Madagascar

cruising in Madagascar

Known of the greatest navigators long, the island of Madagascar is a must when it comes to a cruise in the Indian Ocean. Not only excellent anchorages found there, but the beauty and richness of its land is undeniably an invitation to discovery. If you plan to explore the Big Island during your cruise, do not miss the visit of Nosy Be and Fort-Dauphin.

Discover Nosy Be and its surroundings while cruising in Madagascar

If you are looking for one of the best the Big Island of cruise destinations, it may be advisable that you choose Nosy Be. Nosy Be and its surroundings which is better suited for a customized holiday in Madagascar. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to experience northern Madagascar from island to island, around Nosy Be. These islands are not only characterized by their beautiful turquoise waters. A feature of these paradisiacal corners is that they are little inhabited and uninhabited same.
Also be aware that fishing enthusiasts will enjoy themselves here. It's the case, in particular, of those who love sea fishing. It includes barracudas, Sharks, groupers surgeons poisons, to name a few of the species that inhabit coral reefs. Speaking of coral reefs, Nosy Be and its neighboring islands also have excellent snorkeling spots. So, during these boat trips, do not forget to carry your kit (flipper, mask and tuba) with you. Like this, you will be well equipped to enjoy the exceptional richness of the underwater world of this part of Madagascar.

Calling at Fort Dauphin

You have to go south of Madagascar to discover a stopover, which for some time, starts to become a reference when it comes to a sightseeing cruise on the Island. Thousands of cruise passengers each year head to the port Ehoala to Fort Dauphin, also called Tolagnaro, to discover the beauty of this city and its surroundings. The name of the city of Fort Dauphin highlights a French origin. Effectively, while walking there, you will not fail to detect its colonial past through the names of its streets and architecture of some of these buildings. But otherwise, we must also take into account that Fort Dauphin is the starting point for a getaway to discover the fauna and flora of the island.

A getaway around Taolagnaro give you the opportunity to visit the reserve Nahampoina and the Botanical Gardens Saiadi. Nearly Mandrare river, the Berenty Private Reserve is a park not to miss. It must be said, you will not regret your visit. Indeed, exploring these parks, you will discover a rich biodiversity of the world. Furthermore, most wildlife is the flora of these places is endemic to Madagascar : lemurs, turtles, reptiles and many others are the inhabitants of these places.

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