Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

Discovering Mitsio Islands during a cruise Sesame

Mitsio islands

Discover the Mitsio islands in the northwest area of ​​the maritime territory of Madagascar during a cruise formulas Sesame company.

A trip on a formula or customized
To discover the shores of the northwest coast of the island of Madagascar, there is no better than doing it by boat. Choose why one of the cruise lines that work in a professional way in this area of ​​Mozambique, Sesame company. The house offers several packages including cruises each customer can choose according to the path of travel, its cost but also its duration. The customer can also arrange a personalized cruise in his own personal needs.

A trip to the Mitsio islands to discover the local culture
A cruise aboard one of the boats Sesame cruise line takes you to the heart of the lives of people of all small islands that populate this part of Mozambique. In the program, This will be visiting several small islands at stops and unpublished during which you can go to meet their respective stands. Culture, mores, usages, languages ​​but also gastronomy and crafts will be offered in discovery.

A luxury boat for the discovery of the Tropics
During a cruise aboard a boat Sesame, comfort and well-being will be lavished with no limit. Effectively, the boat has several high-quality infrastructure to, to guarantee and provide the best services to its customers. According to the chosen formula will be available kitchen, furniture or luxury offers good gifts not to miss. Throughout each cruise, the sun will be part of the postcard landscape that represent the islands that cover the entire trajectory.

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