Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

A free app for Sesame Cruise to Nosy-Be

mobility requires, since March 2017, Sesame Cruise website has its free app

You pouvezla download on your iPhone, Android tablet or other portable device.
The free app is accessible directly on the site or through

There are two versions

  • This is available on App Store for Android users
  • That Google Play is for those who use the iPhone or iPad.

henceforth, you can book with ease your pleasure boat with sesame Cruise. Where you are, you will feel closer to your favorite cruise line. If the move, you are faced with an unexpected and that canceling your booking is necessary, You can contact your service provider in a few clicks.
Sesame Cruise offers different formulas crossings starting from Nosy Be. A trip of three days to two weeks is offered. The day, you will enjoy the sunshine on the seas of the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean. Overnight at Russian Bay.

What memorable moments ! You will not soon forget the cocktail parties where you can admire the sunset of sun sea aboard a sailboat. These evenings are the subject of a separate option, ideal for couples. The island hopping trip around Nosy Be is exciting. You can book all these formulas and others via the free application Sesame Cruise.
Sesame Cruise continues to improve its services both online and in live. The agency uses remarkable professionalism to satisfy its loyal customers. innovative, she does not fail to use tools and equipment more efficient. Company, agency or crew, Sesame Cruise is growing near you, your pleasure !

free application available on Android and iPhone

Application Google PlayApplication App Store

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  1. Want a dream vacation even if you seasick :warranty without nausea problem , a ship flying the same waves he ran wind to move from island to island : it is on the Sesame need to navigate .Its captain MAGNY Hervé and his crew did everything to make our stay 2 days 3 nights are unforgettable . And in addition you have not yet tasted the dishes prepared by the chef Hugo , Brigitte served by smiling and friendliness of the Chinese who will take you in the annex to tour the small islands in the RADAMA .
    The dream Team
    Elia, Bernard, Sarah and 2 Zouaves and Michael Lawrence

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