Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

2 best cruise destinations in Madagascar

cruising in Madagascar

Known of the greatest navigators long, the island of Madagascar is a must when it comes to a cruise in the Indian Ocean. Not only excellent anchorages found there, but the beauty and richness of its land is undeniably an invitation to discovery. If you plan to explore the Great[…]

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A free app for Sesame Cruise to Nosy-Be

mobility requires, since March 2017, Sesame Cruise website has its free app you download to your iPhone pouvezla, Android tablet or other portable device. The free app is available directly on the site or through There are two versions available on It[…]

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A boat trip round the world to discover the Radama islands

île Radama

Inked in the very history of Madagascar, the largest island in the Indian Ocean, the name of the king Radama is also some small islands, called Radama islands dives in the heart of the archipelago of Nosy-Be, in northern Mozambique. Islands in the image of the history of the Big Island to[…]

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Discovering Mitsio Islands during a cruise Sesame

Mitsio islands

Discover Mitsio islands in the northwest area of ​​the maritime territory of Madagascar during a cruise formulas Sesame company. A trip on a formula or customized to discover the shores of the northwest coast of the island of Madagascar, there is no better than[…]

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Heading for the sun to Nosy-Be

sunset on Nosy Be

For a unique experience in Nosy-Be, register now for the evening Sunset aboard the Sesame. Why must attend this evening ? The sunsets on the west coast of Madagascar are still stunning. For admire other than the beach or from your[…]

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A trimaran in the Mozambique Channel

trimaran ship

Sesame Cruise invites you to discover the treasures of the Mozambique Channel aboard his trimaran named Sesame. Sesame : your ticket out of the wide Departing Madagascar Mahajanga, Sesame leads to wide of the northwest side of the island in a fun and unique way. It is[…]

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Sail broad of Madagascar luxury yacht board

Madagascar luxury yachts

Want to escape and no longer touch the ground ? Come aboard cruise luxury yachts for your dreams. Luxury sailing yachts Sesame is a trimaran sailboat 52 feet for up to six passengers on board. It has three double cabins to cruise[…]

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