Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame : the catamaran to meet your holiday expectations

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solar, the sea air, exotic flavors, festive nights, ... This is what the catamaran Sesame reserves you. If these reasons are not enough, there others that will complete to convince you ...

A new service for Mada
Agencies that offer onboard a cruise catamaran are very rare in Madagascar and Sesame Cruise belongs to this minority. Through the services it offers, you can discover the Northwest side of the Big Island with a fresh eye and will even have the chance to tread the soil of islands that you do not even suspect the existence.

A luxurious adventure
The catamaran Sesame appointed measure 15, 6 meters 12 tonnes. It is an imposing and very stable boat in all weather. Your safety on board is assured and more, you will be surrounded by a team of professionals with strong experience borrowed circuits. From outside and inside, Sesame exudes luxury. It is equipped with three double cabins and a panoramic roof for dining in the open air of the sea.

Prices minis
Sesame The team is for all those who want a sea adventure. For everyone to participate, it offers rates quite affordable for a luxury cruise. Note that the proposed formulas can last from hours to several days up to you to see which suits you.

One surprise
Aboard the Sesame, expect to go from surprise to surprise with pieces of land immersing magically sea or whales that come out occasionally to greet you. Also consider the cultures that you can experience treading the islets with broad Mahajanga and Nosy-Be.

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