Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

A trimaran in the Mozambique Channel

trimaran ship

Sesame Cruise invites you to discover the treasures of the Mozambique Channel aboard his trimaran Sesame appointed.

Sesame : your ticket out of the broad Madagascar
Departing from Mahajanga, Sesame leads to wide of the northwest side of the island in a fun and unique way. This is your ticket out to discover what lies in the Mozambique Channel and sail to Nosy Be in comfort and luxury. This trimaran among the few ships offer cruises to Madagascar so enjoy !

A little care team
For up to six passengers, you will be surrounded by a team of professionals on board cruise. They serve as your driver, service guides and staff to make your stay a truly memorable escape. Throughout the path, the staff will be at your pampering so feel free to share your holiday wishes.

Unique, entertaining and authentic
These three terms are perfectly suited to describe the cruises offered by Sesame Cruise. Each trip is unique and actually it, even if the borrowed circuits are the same. You should know that every day, The sea holds many surprises so be prepared to live an always fascinating adventure. Fun is the second qualifier since the agency team does everything to make you live unreleased and rare moments. Whether in terms of reception or activities to do, the agency's secret marvel. Authentic is the third adjective consistent with trips offered since thanks to Sesame, you go to meet the inhabitants of the islands with broad of Mahajanga and Nosy Be and discover the joy and good humor, their cultures and traditions.

What better ?

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  1. stay from 2 the 12 June 2017
    Thank you for having us discover idyllic conditions in a wonderful area. Everything was perfect.
    We were on a well-designed trimaran for this kind of adventure. Hervé our captain, always cheerful perfectly dominating his subject. Hugo was happy to cook us every day of delicious fish dishes caught by the crew a few hours earlier. Augustine says “Chinese” of even temper, discreet, ensured effective maritime maneuvers. As for Tina, true homemaker, she kept spotlessly clean cabins and provided table service with great application.
    We spent ten days of pure happiness.

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