Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

A boat trip round the world to discover the Radama islands

île Radama

Inked in the very history of Madagascar, the largest island in the Indian Ocean, the name of the king Radama is also some small islands, called Radama islands dives in the heart of the archipelago of Nosy-Be, in northern Mozambique.

Islands in the image of the history of the Big Island
In terms of Madagascar royal past, several big names have appeared in records as those who built the present-even the Big Island. Among the greatest achievements of Malagasy kings and queens including King Radama was the reunification of Imerina, the heart and the pillar of the Malagasy kingdom. From a geographical perspective, the same king is represented by some small islands of the same name and are among those which form the islands Nosy-Be. To discover, opt for a cruise on board ships Sesame company. Judged as true professionals in maritime travel, the company will offer a luxury cruise during which comfort and care will be provided to each customer.

earth Output for an authentic experience in each island
In addition to a cruise in the open sea to the rhythm of the waves and waves, Sesame company also allows customers to admire the natural resources and indigenous every little island that lies in the path. The flora, wildlife but also the population in some small islands will be to discover during stopovers in groups or personalized. Relaxing moments are also on the agenda, will swim sessions component in Mozambique or tanning in the sun the beaches of the north-west coast of Madagascar.

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