Sesame Nosy-Be

Sesame Nosy-Be

Sail broad of Madagascar luxury yacht board

Madagascar luxury yachts

Want to escape and no longer touch the ground ? Go on board boat Cruise luxury for your dreams.

Luxury yachts
Sesame is a trimaran sailing ship from 52 feet for up to six passengers on board. It has three double cabins to cruise more comfortable with broad Mahajanga. It offers great stability in all weather and a constant cruising speed. Also enjoy your cabin, It features a panoramic roof to enjoy the view or lunch outdoors. The roof includes a seating area and a corner
kitchen to prepare meals in an unusual atmosphere. Wherever you are on this ship, comfort and luxury will follow your steps.

Between Earth and sea
According to the formula of cruise you choose, journey aboard boat the agency promises of land and sea adventures. shoreside, you'll get many stops until the trimaran anchored broad Nosy-Be. In the program, imagine yourself trying to set foot on the islands Mitsio, Radama, Nosy Lava, ...
from which to meet the locals and discover their cultures. sea ​​side, think of the exceptional bays await you, crystal clear sea water where you can bathe to explore the seabed, fish and seafood that you will be fishing and then enjoy on the boat, ...

In all cases, the travel is from Mahajanga to go towards Nosy-Be. You will have the choice of routes for a day, end of day and three to fifteen days formulas. then choose the option that meets your holiday wishes.

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